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Mega Snake Full Movie In English Download In Torrent

Mega Snake: A Movie Review

If you are a fan of cheesy horror movies, you might enjoy Mega Snake, a 2007 film directed by Tibor Takács and starring Michael Shanks, John T. Woods, Siri Baruc, and Ben Cardinal. The movie is about a rare snake that grows to enormous size and terrorizes a small town in Tennessee. The snake was stolen from a Native American snake dealer by Duff Daniels, the younger and stupider brother of Les Daniels, who has a phobia of snakes. The snake has to follow some rules: don't let it out of the jar, don't let it eat anything living, and never fear the heart of the snake. Of course, Duff breaks all the rules and unleashes the mega snake on the unsuspecting population.

The movie is a low-budget production that relies on CGI effects and clichéd characters. The acting is mediocre at best, and the dialogue is full of corny lines and exposition. The plot is predictable and full of holes, and the snake itself is not very scary or realistic. The movie does not take itself too seriously, though, and has some moments of humor and campiness. The movie is rated R for some violence, gore, and language.


Mega Snake is not a masterpiece of cinema, but it can be entertaining if you are looking for a mindless and fun movie to watch. You can stream Mega Snake online on Hoopla, The Roku Channel, Redbox, Popcornflix, FILMRISE, or Freevee. You can also watch the trailers and teasers on JustWatch. If you are curious about the cast and crew, you can find more information on IMDb or Wikipedia. Enjoy!


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