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Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn: A Steamy Romance Novel

If you're looking for a steamy romance novel that will leave you breathless, you might want to check out Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn. This book is part of the Ross Siblings series, but it can be read as a standalone. It features a torrid love story between a cautious cowgirl and a tattooed rocker who have nothing in common but their undeniable attraction.

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In this article, I'll give you an overview of what Leave Me Breathless is about, who are the main characters, what are the main themes, what are the main strengths and drawbacks of the book, and whether I recommend it or not.

What is Leave Me Breathless about?

Leave Me Breathless follows Macy Rodgers, a country girl who works at her family's ranch and has a passion for horses. She's not looking for love, especially after a bad breakup with her cheating ex. But on Valentine's Day, her friends decide to play Cupid and set her up with a blind date. Little does she know that her date is none other than Seth "Ghost" Warren, the same guy she had a one-night stand with a few months ago in the backseat of his car.

Seth is a tattoo artist and a musician who plays in a metal band. He's just returned to town after an extended absence, due to his grandmother's failing health and his ex-girlfriend's harassment. He's not looking for love either, especially after being burned by his ex. But when he sees Macy again, he can't deny the sparks that fly between them.

Macy and Seth are opposites in every way: she's all country, he's all heavy metal; she's cautious, he's adventurous; she's sweet, he's edgy. But they also have some things in common: they're both loyal, honest, and passionate. They decide to give their relationship a chance, despite their differences and their challenges. But can they overcome their trust issues, their family problems, and their personal demons? Or will they crash and burn like their previous relationships?

Who are the main characters in Leave Me Breathless?

Macy Rodgers

Macy is the heroine of the story. She's a 25-year-old cowgirl who loves her family, her friends, and her horses. She works at her family's ranch and helps out with the chores and the business. She's also studying to become a veterinarian.

Macy is a sweet, kind, and caring person who always puts others before herself. She's loyal to her loved ones and supportive of their dreams. She's also smart, independent, and hardworking. She has a good sense of humor and can be sassy when provoked.

Macy is also cautious, insecure, and afraid of taking risks. She's been hurt by her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend. She has low self-esteem and doubts her attractiveness and worthiness. She doesn't like to step out of her comfort zone or try new things. She tends to avoid confrontation and hide her feelings.

Seth "Ghost" Warren

Seth is the hero of the story. He's a 28-year-old tattoo artist who owns his own shop. He's also a musician who plays guitar and sings in a metal band called Deadlock. He has a lot of tattoos, piercings, and scars that give him an intimidating appearance.

Seth is a hot, sexy, and confident person who knows how to please a woman. He's adventurous, spontaneous, and fun-loving. He likes to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. He has a great sense of humor and can be charming when he wants to.

Seth is also troubled, guarded, and rebellious. He's been hurt by his ex-girlfriend who lied to him about being pregnant and tried to trap him in a relationship. He has trust issues and doesn't like to commit or open up to anyone. He doesn't like to follow rules or authority figures. He tends to push people away and act like he doesn't care.

Other characters

There are some other important characters in the book, such as:

  • Macy's friends: Candace (her best friend), Brian (Candace's husband), Kelsey (her cousin), Evan (Kelsey's husband), Gabriella (her friend), Ghost (Gabriella's husband).

  • Seth's bandmates: Damien (his best friend), Sam (his friend), Rhys (his friend).

  • Seth's ex-girlfriend: Nina (a manipulative and obsessive woman who stalks Seth).

What are the main themes in Leave Me Breathless?

Opposites attract

One of the main themes in Leave Me Breathless is that opposites attract. Macy and Seth are very different in their lifestyles, personalities, tastes, and values. They come from different worlds and have different goals. They don't seem to have much in common or much to offer each other.

However, they also have some similarities that bring them together. They both have strong feelings for each other that they can't deny or ignore. They both have been hurt by their past relationships and have trust issues. They both value their family and friends and would do anything for them.

Trust and honesty

Another theme in Leave Me Breathless is trust and honesty. Macy and Seth both struggle with trusting and being honest with themselves and each other. They have been lied to and betrayed by their exes, which makes them wary of opening up and committing to anyone. They also have some secrets and insecurities that they hide from each other, fearing rejection or judgment.

However, they also learn to overcome their trust and honesty issues as their relationship progresses. They realize that they can't build a solid foundation without being truthful and transparent with each other. They also realize that they can't protect themselves from getting hurt by lying or hiding their feelings. They learn to trust their instincts and their hearts, and to be honest about their needs and desires.

Family and friendship

A third theme in Leave Me Breathless is family and friendship. Macy and Seth both value their family and friends, and rely on them for support and guidance. They both have close relationships with their siblings, who are also their best friends. They also have a group of friends who are like family to them, who help them out in times of need and celebrate with them in times of joy.

However, they also face some challenges with their family and friends as their relationship develops. They have to deal with some disapproval and criticism from some of their loved ones, who don't understand or accept their choices. They also have to deal with some jealousy and interference from some of their friends, who don't respect or appreciate their boundaries. They learn to balance their loyalty to their family and friends with their loyalty to each other, and to stand up for what they want.

What are the main strengths of Leave Me Breathless?

Steamy scenes

One of the main strengths of Leave Me Breathless is the steamy scenes. The author does a great job of writing hot and sensual scenes that spice up the romance. The chemistry between Macy and Seth is off the charts, and they can't keep their hands off each other. The scenes are descriptive, explicit, and varied, ranging from quickies in cars to long sessions in bedrooms. The scenes are also emotional, passionate, and intimate, showing how Macy and Seth connect on a deeper level.

Humor and banter

Another strength of Leave Me Breathless is the humor and banter. The author does a great job of injecting humor and banter into the dialogue and narration, making the book fun and entertaining. The interactions between Macy and Seth are witty, playful, and sarcastic, showing how they tease and challenge each other. The interactions between the secondary characters are also humorous, amusing, and lively, showing how they joke around and support each other. The humor and banter lighten up the mood and add some charm to the story.

Emotion and depth

and overcome them together. The emotion and depth add some substance and impact to the story.

What are some potential drawbacks of Leave Me Breathless?

Clichés and stereotypes

One of the potential drawbacks of Leave Me Breathless is the clichés and stereotypes. The author uses some clichés and stereotypes in the plot and characters, such as the bad boy rocker and the good girl cowgirl, the Valentine's Day setting, the meddling friends, the jealous ex, and the miscommunication trope. These clichés and stereotypes make the story predictable, familiar, and unoriginal. They also make the story unrealistic, shallow, and exaggerated. They detract from the uniqueness and creativity of the story.

Lack of originality

Another potential drawback of Leave Me Breathless is the lack of originality. The author lacks originality in some aspects of the story, such as the plot, the characters, the themes, and the style. The plot is similar to many other romance novels, following a typical formula of attraction, conflict, resolution, and happy ending. The characters are similar to many other romance characters, having common traits, backgrounds, and arcs. The themes are similar to many other romance themes, exploring common topics such as love, trust, family, and friendship. The style is similar to many other romance styles, using common elements such as dialogue, narration, description, and point of view. The lack of originality makes the story boring, repetitive, and uninspiring. It also makes the story indistinguishable and forgettable.

Editing errors

A third potential drawback of Leave Me Breathless is the editing errors. The author makes some editing errors in some parts of the book, such as typos, grammar mistakes, punctuation errors, spelling errors, and inconsistencies. These editing errors make the book unprofessional, sloppy, and careless. They also make the book confusing, distracting, and annoying. They detract from the quality and credibility of the book.


lack of originality, and editing errors. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a hot and fun romance with some emotion and depth. I give this book 4 out of 5 stars. If you're interested in reading this book, you can buy it or download it from the links below.


  • Q: Is Leave Me Breathless part of a series?

  • A: Yes, it is part of the Ross Siblings series by Cherrie Lynn, but it can be read as a standalone.

  • Q: What is the genre of Leave Me Breathless?

  • A: It is a contemporary romance novel with some erotic elements.

  • Q: What is the format of Leave Me Breathless?

  • A: It is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats.

  • Q: How long is Leave Me Breathless?

  • A: It is about 366 pages long or 7-8 hours to read.

  • Q: Who are some similar authors to Cherrie Lynn?

  • A: Some similar authors to Cherrie Lynn are Olivia Cunning, Maya Banks, Lorelei James, and Jaci Burton.



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