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Foresight Civil Design And Survey 49

Water Vision is a process that facilitates societies, civilizations, and countries in achieving SDGs and could be considered the backbone of an integrated water strategic framework for action. The Water vision should be a result of a huge amount of knowledge, extensive experience, long-term practice, Water wisdom, and foresight skills. Arabsphere's Water Vision for 2050 is tailored to lead to a sustainable water future, mitigate the disastrous threats, enhance coordination, cope with the future growth constraints, reduce poverty, motivate innovative water solutions, optimize value for all consumers, and stimulate social well-being and life decent. The Water Vision is devoted to the Arabsphere, water-scarce countries, countries, societies, and civilizations facing serious water challenges. From an economic perspective, Water resources could be used as a final product for vital activities such as Water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), or as raw and input material for cooking, irrigation, agriculture, and many industries.

foresight civil design and survey 49




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