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Arsenal Script Undetected Autofarm Arsenal ...

If an arsenal container has been created by using true as the whitelist () then a string of "%ALL" (ALL CAPITAL LETTERS) will be inserted into the category array. To remove this kind of whitelist instead use..

Arsenal Script | Undetected Autofarm | Arsenal ...

PICARD: Number One? RIKER: No help from their communications log. The Drake reportedarriving at Minos and then wasn't heard from again. PICARD: Mister Data? DATA: The citizens of Minos gained fame during the Ersalrope wars asarms merchants. They manufactured sophisticated and highly advancedweaponry. LAFORGE: Yeah? For which side? DATA: Both. LAFORGE: We are approaching the planet Minos, sir. PICARD: Standard orbit, Mister La Forge. LAFORGE: Aye, sir. Standard orbit. RIKER: Whatever happened to the Drake, happened quickly, otherwise aman like Rice would have reported again. PICARD: You know Captain Rice? RIKER: We were at the Academy together. PICARD: Tell me about him. RIKER: Able. A good officer. TROI: How would he react under stress? RIKER: Paul Rice is confident to the point of arrogance, he but carriesit well because he's usually right. He's a risk taker. PICARD: Really? RIKER: I'll give you an example. One of the final tests in advancenavigation at the Academy provides the student with three options. Ricewas given this test, rejected their options and offered one of his own.PICARD: That's taking a risk. RIKER: And it paid off. He received the top grade and now that sametest has four options. TROI: In a difficult situation a man like that would act aggressively. RIKER: Agreed. WORF: Commander, weren't you offered the Drake? RIKER: Yes. TASHA: You gave up your own command to take this assignment? RIKER: At the time I thought it would be more advantageous for me to doa tour on the Enterprise. DATA: Captain, readings correspond with the findings of the probe. Nosigns of intelligent life forms. Vegetation and animal life only. TROI: What happened to all the people? WORF: War? DATA: Disease? LAFORGE: A dissatisfied customer? TASHA: In any war, natural disaster, even the most virulent plague,there are always survivors. DATA: Captain, we are being hailed. RIKER: How can that be from a planet with no people? PICARD: Your sensors indicated no intelligent life forms? DATA: Correct, sir. Something has scanned our language banks and ishailing us. PICARD: On main viewer. SALESMAN [on viewscreen]: Whoever you are, wherever you're from,greetings. Welcome to Minos, the arsenal of freedom. PICARD: I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS SALESMAN [on viewscreen]: If you need a little something special, be itfor one target or multiple targets, we got it. You'll see it here onMinos, where we live by the motto 'peace through superior firepower'. PICARD: To whom am I speaking? SALESMAN [on viewscreen]: To be totally armed is to be totally secure.Remember, the early bird that hesitates gets wormed. DATA: It is a recorded message, sir. SALESMAN [on viewscreen]: Minos, the arsenal of freedom. Perfection inhighly advanced weaponry. Versatility. PICARD: We must have triggered something left over from the Erselropewars when the arms business was booming. SALESMAN [on viewscreen]: So lock on to my signal and beam on down,because we don't just provide weapons PICARD: Shut that off. SALESMAN [on viewscreen]: We provide complete weapons systems. LAFORGE: It's a heck of a sales pitch. PICARD: If an automated message system is still functioning, therecould be other systems on that planet that are still operational. TASHA: Weapons systems? PICARD: Possibly. RIKER: We're going to have to go down there to find it. PICARD: Number One, prepare am away team. RIKER: Lieutenant Yar. Data. TASHA: Commander, I recommend a minimum complement. RIKER: Oh? I would have thought otherwise. TASHA: We'll keep the first landing party small and mobile, until I'mconfident that whatever killed the inhabitants of this planet isn'tstill down there. RIKER: Okay.

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Yes, sorry. I made a few corrections to my post, syntax was off. For use with multiple vehicles, it works and it does so automatically. The expression field in the vehicle respawn module gets called every time it respawns a vehicle that it was synced to. _this select 0 refers to the vehicle that was created by the respawn to replace the old destroyed or abandoned one. It passes [, ] to the expression field.Since the expression field gets called every time each vehicle respawns, including all vehicles in the call can create issues. In this case it doesn't because arsenal can only be initialized once. The reason this is bad is because it will create a bad practice to use that method for other script to be called. You will end up calling code more than it needs to be. Say you want to add a certain amount of weapons to the newly respawned vehicles cargo. As soon as another vehicle is respawn, all vehicles will have that weapon cargo added AGAIN and will go above the limit you intended them to have. This is only one example. It's not horrible but it's unintended behavior and might just cause users to ask more questions without understanding why this is happening. I'm just trying to address this before it becomes a problem for many people.

This will automatically add arsenal to all objects that were synced from the start. You wont have to add code to every vehicle's init field manually any more. This is useful since "Expression" only gets called after a vehicle is respawned and not on the original. "this" refers to the vehicle respawn module. "synchronizedObjects this" refers to all objects that were synced to it for respawn.

Tried @benargee's approach, but it didn't work out of the box. It seems that all variables set on the vehicle are copied on respawn, which prevents you from adding the arsenal to the respawned vehicle. The solution is to reset bis_fnc_arsenal_action by adding the following to the respawn expression instead:

Old post! All these scripts... The reason why I created a module for respawning vehicles with all stuff: appearance, loadouts (even custom backpacks in cargo), crew, waypoints, actions (all, not only arsenal), pylons...

In arsenal you can search for a command, select one and it's prefilled directly in your terminal. This functionality is independent of the shell used. Indeed arsenal emulates real user input (with TTY arguments and IOCTL) so arsenal works with all shells and your commands will be in the history.

To make Cobalt Strike use your script templates over the built-in script templates, load either the dist/arsenal_kit.cna or dist/resource/resources.cna script. See the Arsenal Kit file for more information.

Built upon the function of section 2.1, this can be used to make an Arsenal only with the items from your precreated loadouts. This is the best choice if you do not want to make a full arsenal available to have your loadouts spawnable.

"Minos, the arsenal of freedom. Perfection in highly advanced weaponry. Versatility, flexibility, and everything one hundred percent guaranteed! So, lock onto my signal and beam on down! Because we don't just provide weapons, we provide complete weapons sys-"

Cybereason is following an active campaign to deliver an arsenal of malware that is able to steal data, mine for cryptocurrency, and deliver ransomware to victims all over the world. Due to the variety of malware types deployed in this attack, attackers are able to hit victims from all sides and do not have to limit themselves to one attack goal or another. The payloads observed in this campaign originated from different accounts in code repository platform Bitbucket, which was abused as part of the attackers delivery infrastructure. 041b061a72


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