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Standing Tall

As they went through the chiropractic care and did the exercises prescribed, they would stand taller. This improved posture, standing tall, and unlocking of the spine would allow more confidence and a feeling of empowerment.

Standing Tall

Standing Tall Hat & Cowl Collection Standing Tall is decadently soft in Shibui Knits Silk Cloud and Nest. A long column of ribbing along one side mimics the trees standing tall in the forest. This pattern gives you 2 design options for the hat and cowl. The original is knit with columns of ribbing on one side. The second one is similar, but the columns of ribbing have a simple traveling cable. Both versions begin with the same ribbing. This hat and cowl are knit with 1 strand of Nest and 1 strand of Silk Cloud held together.

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Families demonstrated a variety of adherence rates to the intervention. Infants demonstrated independent activation of the modified ride-on car in seated and standing modes and enjoyed driving. The modified ride-on car intervention was feasible and warrants further testing to address barriers that influence adherence to the intervention. 041b061a72


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