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01 Come Eat Wit Us M4a

The giant pharmaceutical and health insurance lobbies have spent billions of dollars over the past decades to ensure that their profits come before the health of the American people. We must defeat them, together. That means:

01 Come Eat Wit Us m4a


When it comes to pronunciation, you need to be careful not only about the sounds you make but also your intonation. A good way of practicing it is shadowing, which is repeating along as you are listening to the language you are learning. This technique is different from repeating because when you repeat, you listen first and repeat after the speaker. With shadowing you repeat as you are listening. Try it with the text and recording you have just used.

It is one thing to read the Bible, it is another thing to INGEST what it says. We can look at a salad, touch it, taste it, and even sit down to the table with it. But, until we chew it and swallow it, those vegetables do not become a part of our being. The same goes for the Word of God. When we eat this True Food, our spiritual needs are met. No longer will we be confusing spiritual cravings as physical ones.

We seek to empower women, to help them feel capable to take on whatever challenges that might arise in their lives. We understand that women are a minority in most business sectors, so we want to help them become confident so they can dominate in any industry.

My journey to Hult started with me wanting to move back to London. After spending nearly 15 years in California, I wanted to come back to London and be closer to my home country, Turkey. After countless days and hours of research, I felt that Hult was a great fit and aligned with my own personal values. I am always eager to be a part of a more diverse and newer environment, and Hult was the perfect fit for that. Hult and London combined bring a different perspective and more knowledge than I could have expected. 041b061a72


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