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Granny Trannies

"The costume includes a white tank dress with pink collar and colorful flowers all over as well as curvaceous butt and boob pads to complete the look," the description read, according to the Huffington Post. "This granny wouldn't go anywhere without her pink babushka with flower design headband to keep her hair perfectly in place. Slap on some makeup and get ready for your granny walk and you will have the room roaring with laughter!"

granny trannies

Still though, some websites are attempting to sell the item. The costume's manufacturer, Rasta Imposta, now sells them as "Manny Granny" costumes. Spirit Halloween, the costume supplier that notably manufactured that Caitlyn Jenner costume last year, is also selling the granny costume, but on its website it's called "Adult Granny Costume." According to a spokesperson at Spirit, it never called it a "Tranny Granny" costume at all on its website.

"Placing a cisgender man in 'granny-like' attire, and marketing it as the 'Tranny Granny Costume,' is such a poignant reflection of how society views trans women," Preston said. "It perpetuates the idea that at the end of the day we are merely men in women's clothing. The trans experience is often dismissed and rarely taken serious; and Wal-Mart's illustration of what a 'tranny' looks like underscores the sophomoric, slapstick, campy humor associated with being transgender or a 'tranny.'" 041b061a72


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