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Toxic Melon [default] 32x UPD

Watermelon PvP Texture pack 1.8.9 is a very original and authentic themed PvP texture pack for Minecraft. This pack was created by our friend DustStorm. This pack contains very nicely done textures. Some of the examples of texture include seedlike ores and a very aesthetic custom green sky. This pack replaces your diamond weapons and armor set with pinkish colored ones.

toxic melon [default] 32x

Watermelon PvP Texture pack 1.8.9 has a very nice FPS despite it running under 128x resolution. This texture pack mainly replaces the diamond weapons and armor however it does have some additional perks like new textures for your blocks, food, and even your user interface.

UltimatumPermanent holder of the PlaceAccessed By Fancy new elevator (OoooooOo)Easier ThanProbably every other 'chaotic' modeHarder ThanThe default setAwardIdk probably something opMapUltimatumLevel RequirementLevel 300Base Health100

Ultimatum is a gamemode that is long, chaotic and stupid. To access Ultimatum, you must reach Level 300 in-game (Pretty easy ngl). This gamemode combines enemies from every mode in the game, as well as several from prior events for some reason. The mode has three major bosses, the Ultimatum, the Doombringer, and a guest appearance of the True King of the Fallens. The mode will probably take like 5 hours to complete or something. Sound too long? Good. The chances of you winning this thing is probably very low, but if you can I will personally deliver a melon to your house.

Lastly, if the player(s) do(es) not vote, then it will automatically default to "No" while the same applies for a tie, unless no vote is placed on it. If it is a tie without "No" having a vote, the higher level player will get their way and the path they voted for will be chosen. 041b061a72


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