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Check (Extended Mix)

"Check Yo Self" is the third and final single from American rapper Ice Cube's third solo album, The Predator. It was released on July 13, 1993, and features New York City rappers Das EFX. It topped both the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop and Rap charts while also reaching number 20 on the Hot 100 chart.[1] The song retains two main versions, the original and a remix which utilizes the same beat as Grandmaster Flash's "The Message", titled "Check Yo Self (The Message Remix)". The original mix includes a sample from the intro of the Beastie Boys' track "The New Style", which uses the phrase "check it" throughout the chorus.

Check (Extended Mix)

You have unlocked the song "Look To The Sky(True Color Mix)" by System S.F. feat. Anna. "Look To The Sky" is a huge hit with players and this exclusive remix is beautiful uplifting trance at its best! Be sure to check out the original version too! 041b061a72


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