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The U.S. has one of the highest teen birth rates among developed nations, even after three decades of improvement. And Arkansas, roughly tied with Mississippi, has the highest teen birth rate in the country.

A U.S. map of teen birth rates from 2020, the latest data available, looks eerily like the results of the Joe Biden-Donald Trump match-up and, not coincidentally, a post-Roe v. Wade guide to legal and illegal abortion. Liberal-leaning states largely have the lowest teen birth rates per 1,000 females: Massachusetts (6.1), New Hampshire (6.6), Vermont (7), Connecticut (7.6), Minnesota (9.1), New Jersey (9.2), Rhode Island (9.4), New York (10), Oregon (10.1), Maine (10.6), Utah (10.8), California (11).

Teenagers in Arkansas do not have significantly more sex than teens elsewhere, according to a 2019 risk behavior survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but they are far less likely to use birth control. Sex education is not required in Arkansas schools and, by law, any school-based curriculum must stress abstinence.

"If you're from a small town in Arkansas, the idea of going to Chicago or Colorado, it may as well be on the moon," said Gordon Low, a nurse practitioner at Planned Parenthood in Little Rock. Faced with finding a car and gas money, or dealing with a school absence, teenagers "may throw their hands up and continue with the pregnancy, even if they don't want to."

For Maryanna, abortion did not really seem an option even before the Dobbs decision. Like many adolescent girls in Arkansas, her extended family is filled with moms who gave birth as teens and whose children grew up to do the same. It's the life she knows, and, at least at first, the notion of having a baby seemed a respite from the chaos of her family life.

Traditionally, teen motherhood is viewed as a symptom of poverty, invoking puzzled head-shaking by wizened adults and calls from many conservative lawmakers for young, unmarried people to stop having sex. But it is also a dangerous undertaking for a teen mother and baby.

Infant mortality rates in Arkansas are highest for babies born to women younger than 20, and the large number of teen births fuels the state's third-highest infant mortality rate in the country. Arkansas women have the highest rate of pregnancy-related deaths in the U.S., according to data from the CDC, about double the national average.

Going through with a vaginal birth could cause lasting damage to a teen's pelvic area and rectum. So, teenage childbirth often ends in cesarean section, causing uterine scarring that almost guarantees she will need to give birth via cesarean section if she has more children.

That was the message she gave her own daughter Gwen, who became pregnant at 16. Hajime remembered how, when she was a pregnant teen, her grandmother pronounced her life ruined. "She said, 'Everything you ever did is over with.'"

It was a surprise, then, when Gwen, pregnant with her second child at 21, felt piercing pain in her pelvis last spring. Her doctor advised standard pregnancy fare: a pillow between her legs, light stretching. By eight months, Gwen's petite legs were swollen, stretching tight her ankle bracelets. The doctor blamed too much salt. In July, she was willing herself to enjoy her baby shower when pain ricocheted inside her body. She could barely breathe on the drive to the hospital.

For far too long, we have focused on the negative and dangerous aspects of sex. The outcomes of this approach are none too good. The U. S. has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the Western industrialized world and, according to the latest statistics, one in four teens has a sexually transmitted disease.

Spence left amid a wave of seasoned prosecutors quitting over practices they said were meant to slant legal work, reward loyalists and drum out dissent. The next month, the office dropped a separate series of trafficking and child sexual assault cases after losing track of one of the victims.

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