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Root Tease Backcombing Spray is a medium control hairspray that provides long-lasting root lift a for a teased, texturizing, matte finish. Formerly Quick Tease 15, this professional finishing hairspray has a horizontal mist designed to create lift at the roots, add texture, and control unwanted frizz. Add instant body to any style for an easy backcombed, voluminous, teased effect.


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Easy tease-y, yes, please-y! Just lift your hair at the root area and spray for an immediate hold that lasts up to 72 hours. Formulated for all hair types, What A Tease Firm Volumizing Hairspray allows you to style your hair on the go with almost zero effort and no backcombing damage.

Teaching children to stay calm, using relaxation techniques (such as deep breathing or counting to 10), avoiding the teaser, and using distraction are some other strategies teachers can use with children who are teased.

formerly also teaze, Old English tæsan "pluck, pull, tear; pull apart, comb" (fibers of wool, flax, etc.), from Proto-Germanic *taisijan (source also of Danish tæse, Middle Dutch tesen, Dutch tezen "to draw, pull, scratch," Old High German zeisan "to tease, pick wool").

also striptease, 1936, perhaps a back-formation from stripteaser (1930); see strip (v.) + tease (n.). Strip (v.) and tease (v.) both were used in this sense in late 1920s. Life magazine used strippeuse (1938-40).

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