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Best Buy Geek Squad Niles Ohio !FREE!

Hello, I am a former geek squad employee and boy was I glad to leave these scammers. I left a full time job with full health benefits for a contract job with no benefits, just because i didn't want to be part of that sicko business of over charging people. Geek Squad/Best Buy inc. are crooks and deserves to be bashed in the public. Their number one agent in the Atlanta market/district does not even know a simple technical acronym about wireless networks he sets up every single day for over a year now. Instead of typing WEP, short for (Wireless Equivalent Privacy) he puts WEB key in all his notes after configuring a simply wireless network for a client for $159 dollars for 20 minutes of work. He has no formal education, no technical background, just training from Geek Squad on how to rob innocent people. Is this the technician you want to come to your house to configure your network? This "agent" who has also trained another agent on how to also rob people on the other hand is a little bit more technical, they are both very quick to tell clients that their computers are infected with Trojans and viruses. Geek Squad provides the agents with these little programs that finds cookies, and what we are trained to do is to tell people their computers are infected and then jip them out for a hefty $249 for their ADR (Advanced Diagnostic and Repair) and then to add protection software plus labor fee of $29 per install of each program that you just run the CD and click next, next, next. I have evidence to show how and who over charges client's not only for their high price labor but "agent" actually double charging clients for one service.

best buy geek squad niles ohio

I am not the most knowledgable individual when it comes to computers, although, I do know enough to realize Geek Squad is not who they want you to think they are. Geek Squad wants you to think they are your friend and that they will be there to pick you up if something happens to you. This is NOT TRUE!I purchased a computer and a service plan with Geek Squad. They promise to fix your computer if something goes wrong and replace your computer if the promblem continues. Once again this is not 100% True. They will not fix your computer for free if you have purchased the service plan and you have a virus. Lucky me, I don't get viruses. But my computer has been serviced over 6 times for the same problem, they replaced the hard drive twice, they have told me that nothing was wrong with it twice, and they reformated the OS (operating system). Every signle time I send it to geek squad its for the same problem yet they are screwing me and not replacing my computer because they claim that I do not have 3 legit or "qualifying repairs." This is BULL ###, they are just running in circles until my service plan ends and they don't have to worry about me anymore.I have called Geek Squad and Best Buy multiple times and nothing ever happens they just tell me that they cant do anything because there has not been 3 qualified repairs. That is redic, they have had my computer for longer then I have and now the service plan is running down and they are just sitting back and not being much help.I am in the process of getting my computer serviced again. If for some reason my computer is replaced I will re-post letting you know that they have fullfilled their duties. But I still do not think I will ever use Geek Squad again!

I was HIGHLY disappointed in my service last month at Geek Squad. I spent almost 100 bucks for nothing. I brought my business laptop into Geek Squad because it intermittently wouldn't turn on at times, and I have to try turning it on sometimes 10-12 times before it finally boots. I thoroughly explained the situation to them.After waiting a week, got a call from the squad. Called back 14 times in two days, waiting 10 minutes + each time, but never got anyone on the phone. I finally drove over, stood in line for 1/2 hour, only to find out they the extent of their find was: They had done a scan and found some cookies & data miners on my computer. Big whoop, I do that every week with adware.Then I asked, "so why does the computer intermittently not start?" Get ready for this...THEY HAD NO CLUE. THEY HADN'T EVEN REPRODUCED THE PROBLEM. The guy had to go read the file to find out what I was talking about. 100 bucks, and I left with a computer that still has this same problem THAT I REPRODUCE EVERY DAY. In my opinion, this is the poorest service I've EVER experienced. I literally paid 100 bucks for a problem that the "geeks" couldn't even reproduce, which I reproduce every day. 100 bucks gone, only to be back at the same place I was before, with no answers or hints as to what's wrong. Wasted time and money.The rep was less than empathetic; no offer of recompense was given, just "see you later, next please." I have a very poor image of Geek Squad at this point. When I have a great customer experience, I make it a point to tell everybody. The same goes for lousy customer experience. I feel it my duty to warn all friends, family and colleagues of my bad experience at Geek Squad and no attempt on their part to make amends.

I have had problems with them on my laptop. I dropped off on the 6th of May, was told it should be ready the next day. No call for 5 days, called and it needs to be sent to their repair place, can't fix at the Best Buy location where I dropped it off. So they sent it my snail mail, took a week for repair place to even receive it. It was determined it needed parts, took 2 days to get, then determined again needed parts, it took 15 days and nothing done. I called and spoke with another agent, and was told that he doesn't understand what is taking so long either. He tells me that within 48 hours I will get an email and call from the agent who is doing repair work. Guess what? No call or email was made. Called them back 3 days later and was told yet another part has been ordered that very day @ 6:35 am. I am not happy with geek squad, I have been lied to and not feeling confident that they even know how to repair my laptop. I mean how many parts do you need to fix it, and why can't you order them all at once? To top it off, I keep getting notifications from them that my contract with them is ending soon, I should hurry to renew it. I am thinking of telling them that I am ordering parts before I renew.

I took my laptop to geek squad to remove a virus and back up my data to an external hard drive. I asked the young girl at the counter if I needed to purchase a hard drive, but she told me not to worry and then wrote down that she could no see any problems. She also told me I should get my laptop back by the end of week or maybe up to 2 weeks.After 2 1/2 weeks, I get a phone call asking if I would buy an external hard drive to make the data back up easier and they would use less disks. (Again, I asked for this at drop off). A week later, I got fed up with the wait and went to pick up the laptop (finished or not). The squad said they were still having difficulty and asked if they could restore it back to factory setting. When I told him I wanted it back, he showed me how to press one button (F11) to restore. (I guess they wanted to keep it a week more just to press this button).Needless to say, I was upset by the over 3 1/2 week wait to fix my computer. Two weeks later, the monitor died and the computer is now more unresponsive.I will NOT be back and will discourage anyone from having the same experience with this company.

i have had geek squad at my home 4 times since 9/13/09 to repair a tv that we bought on 1/4/08 . At that time we purchased the PSP service plan. As of today 10/9/09 the geek squad has still not repaired the tv & has come to make repaires twice with the WRONG PARTS ! Avoid BEST BUY & the GEEKS they are not customer oriented & they certainly do not have a clue to what they are doing ! I have dealt with DAVID Z & DALE C from the Stockton area. I have also spoken to GEEKS GREG with consumer relations; who then passed me to Renee an appt clerk; who then passed me to her supervisor MARY. They each have passed the buck & have told me we are not entitled to a new tv until the tech has an opportunity to repair the set. I did not order the wrong parts-- so how am I responsible for their lack of ability to even order the correct part ? Have also talked to BEST BUY manager Yolanda & was given the brush off as well. Take your business elsewhere. I have contacted AIG Waranty who funds the waranties for our tv & told them they should not pay the geek squad for service calls when the service wasn't rendered.

Today I called geek squad for the first time, to see if it was worth renewing..I was very dissappointed.I described a simple problem relating to file associations. Powerpoint was not associated with .ppt. and clicking on a powerpoint file did not open powerpoint.First she directed me to control panel and told me to click on add/remove programs.There is no add remove programs in windows 7. So I found it my self.She had me uninstall an older version of powerpoint...useless waiste of time.I told her I thought the problem could be solved by going to "default programs" and using "associate files."She told me that Geek squad couldnt help with individual programs.I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor. she said there was none available.I asked if one would call me back and gave her my phone number.She said they would when they got out of a meeting... I guess they never got out of a meeting.Geek squad is the biggest waiste of money in the world. I went to Google and found the answer to the problem myself. I am definately not renewing.

i wonder if best buy or the geek squad read these, or if anyone cares, three weeks in to get my washer fixed and a man comes out, asks me whats wrong, writes it down, then says he will call LG with the symptoms and find out what parts are needed and get back to me, then he says i owed him $100. for the call, i said no, i have an extended warranty. he said they didn't send you any paperwork, i said no, and even if they did, the geek squad better eat it up, 3 WEEKS, and each time i called the geek squad the agent just says, yes ma'am, i do apologize, and i get no where, it's all the same, two or three business, well it turned into 3 weeks and still not fixed, and i do not know when either, if this was a REFRIGERATOR, i don't know what i would do, i am ready to take the washer back to the store and demand a full refund or a new washer, this is unacceptable, and no one cares, at all, such bad business, never again, i will buy my appliances from home depot or lowes anytime, best buy lost a good customer 041b061a72


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