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Point 5 Inkunzi Emnyama

ezulwini and umlazi are one of south africas most stable neighbourhoods. we are always trying to attract more industry into these areas. we have a strong sense of community. the way i see it, south africans need not only a strong sense of race and tradition, but a strong sense of community. we should always look after one another.

Point 5 Inkunzi Emnyama

the competition was started a few years ago. we are partnered with mtn kwa-zulu natal to make content for the mobile radio stations in durban and pietermaritzburg. we come up with themes and we make something around it. we select the best three videos.

these videos are uploaded to the mczwini channel on ustream. we gave the winners gifts. so far we have received awards for the mzansi ghetto video. we gave out vodacom prepaid cards to the 2nd and 3rd prize winners. now it is the final leg of the competition, the two remaining winners will be flown out to cape town to compete at mtn talent camp 2010.

south africas got talent has introduced the state-of-the-art, high definition mobile tv, mtt voda , which will be showing the top got talent performers right here in the country. what is your experience with mtt voda?

theyre just some of the ideas that flow through the exhibition. mntambo are many people coming together in a single moment who each represent the other in small ways. his thoughts are a reflection of hers, his action a means for her to realise her action. his absence is a reminder of her loneliness, her anger her joy, her inner and outer pressures. yet these are not the only forces that create her. her body, her actions, her education, her environment are all contributors to the woman she is today. she may have started as an artist, but that person was once an artiste. remember this.


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